• Scottish Birds


    Walk along any river bank in Scotland and you stand a good chance of seeing a Kingfisher.  Unfortunately, more often than not, all you see is a flash of blue as the kingfisher flies along…

  • The Shore, Leith
    Pictures of Scotland

    Sunshine On Leith

    Everybody knows the Proclaimers song – Sunshine on Leith. Leith is Edinburgh’s port, situated where the Water of Leith, a river that runs through Edinburgh, flows into the Forth Estuary. Leith has a character all…

  • Red Squirrel
    Four Legged Beasties

    Red Squirrels

    Since the introduction of the American Grey Squirrel, the population of native Red Squirrels has declined dramatically. However, it is still possible to see Red Squirrels in the wild in many parts of Scotland -…

  • waxwings
    Scottish Birds


    Waxwings are winter visitors to Scotland.  They breed in Scandanavia, and some of them spend the winter here - which shows how harsh the winters must be in Scandinavia! They are usually found in small flocks,…

  • Little Druim Wood

    Glen Finglas Play Trail

    The Glen Finglas Play Trail is a woodland walk through Little Druim Wood which is great fun for the kids. There are no really strenuous parts, so suitable for adults of all capabilities. It starts…

  • nuthatch
    Scottish Birds


    Nuthatch. Popped in to the David Marshall Lodge in The Trossachs, (or The Lodge as it is known now) to try and get some Red Squirrel Shots. No luck with the squirrels, but nice to…

  • Scottish Birds

    Reed Bunting

    Male Reed Bunting, spotted on one of my regular walks from the mouth of the River Esk at Musselburgh along to the Musselburgh Lagoons and Levenhall Links. This land was all reclaimed from the sea…