Beasties that swim

Seals Taking it Easy

Seals in the River Forth taking it easy. These seals are almost always visible, just outside of Edinburgh.  To see them, head out of Musselburgh, past the racecourse, and take the coast road. Not far […]

bass rock
East Scotland

Bass Rock Close up

Bass Rock A close up of the Bass Rock, showing the huge amount of Gannets

bass rock
East Scotland

The Bass Rock

The Bass Rock The Bass Rock is an ancient volcanic plug, inhabited by a huge amount of Gannets, It is situated in the Firth of Forth, south of Edinburgh, close to North Berwick. It appears […]

forth bridge
Central Belt

The Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge The Forth Bridge is a spectacular piece of Victorian engineering – sometimes it is incorrectly referred to as the Forth Rail Bridge, to distinguish it from the nearby road bridges. It’s iconic […]