Yachts Moored in the River Almond at Cramond Harbour, Edinburgh

Yachts at Cramond Harbour, Edinburgh
Yachts at Cramond Harbour, Edinburgh

Yachts moored at the mouth of the river Almond at Cramond Harbour.

Although Cramond is on the western outskirts of Edinburgh, it still retains a small village atmosphere.  It is an ideal location to park and go for a walk, either back along the foreshore towards Edinburgh, or out across the Causeway to Cramond Island (if the tide is right)  or follow the River Almond  Walkway for a delightful woodland walk.

There are a couple of nice little cafes - one just at the harbour, and one just a little bit further up the river path.

If you choose to walk up the river path, you will see the ruins of several old mills.  In the 18th century, the area was so industrialised that steel was exported all over the world directly from Cramond Harbour.

The industrial activity was all gone by the 1900's and the river is much cleaner these days.  In fact, the river gets a decent run of salmon each year and just recently the salmon pass at Cramond Weir has been reconstructed to make it easier for fish to pass up the river.

For further details on fishing the Almond for trout or salmon, visit:

The main car park shown on the map is large and has ample parking.  There are a few parking spaces further up the river near the weir, also shown on the map.

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