The Lendrick Hill & Dam Walk

Loch Venachar from Lendrick Hill

This walk is one of a series of walks that start from The Glen Finglas Visitor Gateway.

The paths are well marked, and well looked after.

This is just one of nine marked trails of various grades of difficulty which start from the visitor centre.

Full marks to the Woodland Trust for their excellent work here - for more details visit www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/glenfinglas

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Lendrick Hill & Dam Walk - Part 1

The walk starts at the visitor centre - free parking!

Head over the bridge beside the information board, and follow the orange markers all the way for this route.

The Glen Finglas Visitor Gateway
Start of the Lendrick Hill Walk

Cross the bridge, head through the gate and turn left.

The path begins to climb quite steeply through native woodlands.

Path up Lendrick Hill

There are plenty of benches and viewpoints along the way if you want to have a rest.

This one was at the location of an old Farmstead overlooking Loch Venachar.

Drippan Farmstead

Part 2

The path eventually levels out, and heads off in the direction of the Glen Finglas reservoir.

Along the way there are various  benches and viewpoints - all well maintained.

No real instructions are needed to follow the path, so I've just included some photos taken along the way.

Waterfall at Lendrick Hill
Bridge on the Lendrick Hill path
Loch Venachar from Lendrick Hill
Rowan Tree

Part 3

The path starts to descend, and you get some glimpses of the reservoir through the trees.

When you come to a tarmac road signposted Brig O' Turk, turn left.

You soon come to a view point with a great view of the reservoir with Ben Ledi beyond it.

Glen Finglas reservoir with Ben Ledi behind it

Carry on down the track until you come to a car park.

Here you can make a small diversion to view the famous spot where John Ruskin was painted by Millais....

...no I had no idea what it was all about either, but no harm in getting some education as you wander through the hills!

John Ruskin & Millais

Part 4

Return to the track, and carry on down the hill until you come to an orange marker directing your path through the woods back to the start point.

Again, this path is in excellent order, with boardwalks to cross some very boggy sections.

When the track reaches the main road, turn left and follow the Great Trossachs Cycle path back to the visitor centre.

Excellent walk, highly recommended!



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