The Corbenic Poetry Path

Corbenic Poetry Path
Corbenic Poetry Path

The Corbenic Poetry Path

The what?  That's exactly what I thought as I drove past the car park for this one day.

I'd been trying to get some leaping salmon shots at Buchanty Spout, but that day, the salmon had decided not to turn up.  The usual plan B in this case is to head up to The Hermitage to get some nice autumnal shots.

On the way, just outside the village of Trochry, near Dunkeld, I passed a small car park with a sign saying "The Corbenic Poetry Path".  I didn't stop, but over the next few days, I often found myself wondering "what on earth is a Corbenic Poetry path?"

Well there was only one way to find out, so the next free day I had, I headed up to investigate.......

.....and what a wee gem it is!


The Corbenic Camphill Community, is a community of about 100 people, some of whom are adults with special needs.

You can read more about the Corbenic Community here on their website


Start of the Corbenic Poetry Path
Start of the Corbenic Poetry Path

The Corbenic Poetry Path follows a circular route of about 3km around the Corbenic estate and meanders through forest, moorland and farmland, finishing up in a beautiful stretch alongside the river Braan.

Dotted along the way there are various sculptures and poems - and if you think that you poetry in the woods isn't for you - just go - I guarantee you'll love it!

It takes about three hours to go round, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Here is how to find it.



This is my favourite poem - made me laugh!

(click on the image to read it)

My Favourite Corbenic Poem

Take The Tour

Click on the first thumbnail below to start a slideshow and take a virtual tour around the Corbenic Poetry path.

Click on Esc to return

It is not 100% complete as some of the photos didn't come out, and I think I missed a few exhibits - but that is a welcome excuse to go back!

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