The Bracklinn Falls Circuit – near Callander

Bracklinn Falls Bridge

This is a lovely walk to The Bracklinn Falls.

Fairly easy but with a few steep slopes, it should take about 2 hours.

It would be entirely possible to include this walk on a day's drive around the beautiful Trossachs area.

The road to the falls is signposted from Callander main street and is on the right hand side as you enter Callander coming from Doune.

Follow the road past the Golf Club, going past the small car park on the left until you reach the car park for the falls on the right hand side.

The walk is a circular route, starting from the car park.

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Bracklinn Falls Circuit - Part 1 - Getting there:

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Bracklinn Falls Circuit - Part 2

From the car park, follow the sign to the falls.  The distance is 3/4 mile.

There is an excellent path which leads through fine woodland, and then downhill to the falls.


The path leads through fine woodland

Soon you reach the Bracklinn Falls themselves, with the footbridge that crosses the river just below the falls.

The Bracklinn Falls
The Bracklinn Falls

At this point, you could return to the car park the same way you came - after exploring the area of course.

But there is a sign there with information about the area, and showing the alternative route back to the car park.

Bracklinn Falls Information

Bracklinn Falls Circuit - Part 3

To complete the circular route, cross the bridge and follow the path to the left.

At first the path stays with the course of the river, but soon it heads off to the right and up some fairly steep slopes through the pine forest.

Bracklinn Falls pine forest

When you emerge from the forest, you meet a track.

Follow this track to the left.

You will see down below you in the distance that this track crosses over the Keltie Water, before rising again to join the tarmac road that leads back to the car park.

Track to the Keltie Water

The track crosses over the Keltie Water above another set of falls and a wide pool called "The Scout Pool".

Here you can follow the short path along the river to get a view of the falls.

The Falls Above the Scout Pool

Bracklinn Falls Circuit - Part 4

After you cross the river, climb back up the hill and turn left to follow the tarmac road back to the car park.

Along the way, I was surprised to come across a small pool beside the road with a rather makeshift sign saying "Wishing Well"

Well it was a rollover on the National Lottery, so what the heck!  Anyway I can confirm that the Wishing Well doesn't work. (so far)

Finally the car park comes back into view - a pleasant walk of a couple of hours, and still plenty of time to see more of the Trossachs.

For more information about The Trossachs - Visit


The Wishing Well
Reaching the Car Park


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