loch bharp
Outer Hebrides

Purple Heather

Purple Heather Purple heather growing along the shores of a Hebridean loch – Loch Bharp on South Uist.


Fishing the Dap

Fishing the Dap Fishing the Dap for sea trout and salmon is a popular method in Scotland.  A long rod and a light floss line are used with a large bushy artificial fly. The breeze […]

Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Morning

Early Morning Early morning light – from the Loch Boisdale to Mallaig ferry

grogarry sunset
Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Sunset

Hebridean Sunset Hebridean Sunset at Grogarry Lodge, South Uist

Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Scenery

Hebridean Scenery Spectacular Hebridean Scenery from the Loch Boisdale to Mallaig ferry

loch fada

Loch Fada

Loch Fada Setting off for a stormy day’s fishing on Loch Fada, South Uist

Outer Hebrides

Hebrides Beach

Hebrides Beach The Hebrides have many fantastic beaches – which you can often have all to yourself!

shetland ponies
Four Legged Beasties

Shetland Pony (from South Uist)

Shetland Pony Anyone who has visited the Isle of South Uist and driven along the shores of Loch Druidibeg, will have come across these guys.  They live along the shoreline of the loch, and appear […]