Scottish Mountain Walks

Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

Having climbed the munro, Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn earlier this year, I felt I should also climb “the other Ben Vorlich munro” at Loch Lomond. But, having read up on it before hand, it […]

Ben Vorlich
Scottish Mountain Walks

Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn)

There are actually two Munros called Ben Vorlich.  One is near Loch Lomond, and one is beside Loch Earn. This report is about the Loch Earn Ben Vorlich (985 m). I have often seen Ben […]

Ben Hope from Loch Hope
Scottish Mountain Walks

Ben Hope and Loch Hope

Ben Hope is the most northerly Munro and is situated at the south end of Loch Hope in one of the true remaining wildernesses of Scotland. Get a Map For Climbing Ben Hope Loch Hope […]