Single Track Roads in Scotland – How to Cope

Single Track Road

Many of the roads in the remoter areas of Scotland are single track,

Tourists may find this a bit daunting at first, but it works well.

The rules are straightforward - when you see a vehicle approaching pull into one of the passing places to let it pass.  A quick flash of the headlights lets the other driver know to come on.

If the other driver pulls in and flashes his lights, then you drive on.

It is customary to give a quick wave of the hand as you pass.

On winding roads with poor visibility, keep your speed down as you may go round a corner and find another car coming head on to you.  (note: the locals who know the road, probably drive a bit faster than they should.)

When driving along a single track road, if you find you have faster cars at your back, pull into one of the passing places and let them pass.

They will usually give a little toot on the horn to say thanks.

For a real single track challenge, try this road -Bealach-Na-Ba

Good luck!



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