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Seals Taking it Easy in the Forth near Edinburgh

Seals Taking it Easy

Seals in the River Forth taking it easy.

These seals are almost always visible, at Morrison's Haven just outside of Edinburgh.  To see them, head out of Musselburgh, past the racecourse, and take the coast road.

Not far along the road you see Prestongrange Mining Museum on the right - almost opposite there is a sign for the coastal path car park on the left.

Immediately opposite the car park is a large rock formation - to the left, a bit further out, are some smaller rocks.  This is where the seals usually bask.  Note that at high tide, these rocks are covered and the seals won't be visible, but as soon as the tide starts to go out, and the rocks are revealed, the seals will start to clamber up onto them.

edinburgh seals

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