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Schoolhouse Loch, South Uist

Schoolhouse Loch, South Uist

Schoolhouse Loch, is one of the famous sea trout and salmon lochs on South Uist.

Some people think it is a bit small for a day's fishing, but it is one of my favourite Uist lochs.

The loch has two halves, separated by a weedy, rocky, shallow channel.  Navigating usually involves a bit of pushing on the oars, but we always managed.

I never yet caught any big fish on Schoolhouse, but I always saw them!  I've seen huge fish jumping  - especially on the Northernmost half.

When the sea trout and salmon aren't taking, we've always had decent sport from the reasonably sized brownies.

When approaching the loch on the A865, watch out for the old schoolhouse beside the loch - see here for a photo

Turn in onto the old tarmac road, and immediately turn right.  Drive through the gate and park up at the old schoolhouse.

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