Loch Rusky near Callander in the Trossachs

Loch Rusky
Loch Rusky


Rusky is beside the A81 road between Callander and The Lake of Menteith.

The gate is padlocked, but there is a small lay-by just past the gate, and a forestry road providing some parking on the Callander side of the loch.

The loch is popular with photographers, but access is restricted when the Ospreys are nesting.

Warning: On a calm day, the midges at Loch Rusky can be bothersome.  See our recommendations for avoiding midge bites.

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For years it has been run as a private trout fishery by Heriots Angling Club, although one boat a day is available to the public - if you know who to phone...

It is a beautiful loch, well stocked with rainbow trout, and usually has a good head of resident fish for the dry fly and Nymph fishermen.

Loch Rusky
Loch Rusky

In recent years, a pair of ospreys have nested beside the loch, taking advantage of the well stocked larder to feed their young.

They seem to be completely unfazed by the anglers and will often dive for trout within a hundred yards of the boats.

The bird in this picture did just that - diving for a large trout not far from our boat - unfortunately, the trout proved too heavy for it and it dropped it soon after I took this shot.

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Loch Rusky Osprey Catching a Trout
Loch Rusky Osprey Catching a Trout

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