Lime Craig Forest Walk Aberfoyle + Optional Climb

Lime Craig Viewpoint

The Lime Craig walk starts at The David Marshall Lodge - now called "The Lodge" apparently.
(Well I've been going there since I was a kid in the sixties, and it will always be The David Marshall Lodge to me.)

Find out more about the lodge here: http://www.trossachs.co.uk/david-marshall.php

There are various waymarked walks in the adjoining forest, plus lots of interesting surprises in the forest for kids and adults alike.

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The lodge is also the starting point for the Go Ape zip wire which is 400m long and takes the participants through the forest canopy. At the other end are various obstacle course type features to be overcome before taking another zip wire back.

Find out more here:  https://goape.co.uk/days-out/scotland/aberfoyle

Go Ape Zip Wire Aberfoyle
Go Ape Zip Wire Aberfoyle

The Lime Craig walk has a lot going for it - woodland, waterfalls, wildlife hide, gentle climb plus optional more serious climb, great views - and hot food and drink available in the cafe in the lodge when you get back! (also optional)

Getting There:

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Lime Craig Walk - Part 1

Park in the car park and head up to the lodge.  There is a charge for the car park - £3 for the day at the time of writing.

Head to the right of the lodge and you will see the first coloured way-marker.  At this  stage it has various colours on it as this is the start for all the walks.

The colour for our walk is RED.

Follow the path to the right, past the statue of  "The Lumberjill" - see the photograph.

The path then doubles back across the front of the lodge.

Keep following the red markers.


The Lumberjills statue
The Lumberjills statue
The Lumberjill story
The Lumberjill story

Lime Craig Walk - Part 2

Follow the path past the metal deer statues - note a path joining from the right, this is where you will arrive after completing the circuit.


Deer Statues
Deer Statues

Cross over the wooden walkway which takes you over some swampy ground.

Watch out for some interesting art installations amongst the trees.

The Wooden Walkway
The Wooden Walkway

Finally you arrive in a clearing with a nice waterfall to the left.

Cross over the wooden bridge just downstream.

The First Waterfall
The First Waterfall

Once across the bridge, before you follow the track up the hill, you can follow the sign for the wildlife hide - it's just a short distance off the track.

I was lucky enough to spot a couple of Red Squirrels - I think the secret may be to get there nice and early before too many people arrive.

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel

Lime Craig Walk - Part 3

Returning from the wildlife hide, follow the track up the hill.

The red marker posts will take you round to the left, first past the other end of the Go Ape experience, then continue up for a fine view of another waterfall.

The Other End of the Go Ape Experience
The Other End of the Go Ape Experience
The Second Waterfall
The Second Waterfall

Lime Craig Walk - Part 4

At the top of the hill, take the path to the right, but on the way up, stop and have a look at the message board.

It explains that you are on the Highland Boundary fault line and gives an explanation of the geology you are looking at.

Highland Boundary
Highland Boundary

Lime Craig Walk - Part 5

You reach a split in the path.  The path to the right takes you back (eventually) to the lodge.

But it's a shame to come all this way and not carry on to the top.

You know you'll only regret not doing it when you get home - and then some day you'll have to come back and complete it anyway, so may as well get it done!

It's steep, but it's not too bad.


Path to the Lime Craig Summit
Path to the Lime Craig Summit

As you head up the path to the summit, the limestone that was once quarried here is evident underfoot.

Near the top, you reach a gate heading off to the left.  Go past that and follow the path to the right which leads round the hill to the top.

At the top is a concrete plinth, the remains apparently of some communications installation.  It makes a good place to have a seat and admire the pretty spectacular view.

Lime Craig Walk - Part 6

Head back down from the summit- there is another sign saying "Steep Slope" at the top of the path.  This is in case you didn't notice on the way up!

At the base, follow the path to the left heading down hill.  This is the old track used to carry the limestone down from the quarry.  It is steep, and takes the most direct route downhill.

Hobbits' Houses
Hobbits' Houses - No Admittance, except on party business

Now my old legs are not too bad at going uphill, but downhill is the real killer for me, and this path is relentlessly straight and steep - ouch!

At the first track that crosses it, you'll see the path continuing on the other side.  After what seems like an age, with one of my knees ready to give in, you finally reach a track at the bottom.

Turn right and follow it watching out for the red marker in a few hundred yards which will take you off to the left.  Cross over the bridge and soon you will rejoin the original path at the deer statues - passing some Hobbit houses along the way!

Head left at the deer and follow the path back to the lodge for some well deserved refreshments.

Lovely walk with varied and interesting scenery.

Well done.

Footnote:  This was the walk where I finally decided to do some thing about my sore knees coming down hills - see how I cured it HERE

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