Grogarry Lodge, a Hunting Lodge on the Isle of South Uist

Grogarry Lodge

Grogarry Lodge is a hunting lodge on the Isle of South Uist.

Known for its hospitality and fine food, it provides an ideal base for a week's shooting or fishing on the island.

Our party has taken a week at the end of August for many years now, fishing for sea trout, salmon and brown trout.

The lodge is comfortable and homely rather than luxurious - but what more do you want for a week's fishing?

You get a  great breakfast, packed lunches and huge plates of excellent food in the evening.

After a hard day's fishing, a dram or three or four in front of a peat fire will send you off to bed with a fine warm glow inside.

The food is legendary
The food is legendary

For the week, you can treat the lodge like home.  You have access to a kitchen for tea or coffee - great for filling your thermos in the morning.

There are a couple of comfortable lounges, and a well stocked wine cellar if you require it, although we always just take our own.

Lots of meat though!
Lots of meat though!

Early risers can nip down to the famous Grogarry Loch for a cast before breakfast, or just stretch your legs with a stroll down to the magnificent beach.

The food is legendary, and you are unlikely, even after a hard week shooting or fishing, to return home weighing less than when you arrived.

Sunrise at Grogarry Lodge
Sunrise at Grogarry Lodge

It is very much meat and fresh sea fish though - we never had any vegetarians in the party, but I am sure they can cater for that too.

As always, the fishing can be unpredictable, but the evenings in the lodge help to make up for those blank days.

Not lobster again!
Not lobster again!

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