Glen Finglas Play Trail

Little Druim Wood

The Glen Finglas Play Trail is a woodland walk through Little Druim Wood which is great fun for the kids.

There are no really strenuous parts, so suitable for adults of all capabilities.

It starts at the Glen Finglas visitor center, and should take about an hour or so.

There are lots of things for the young ones to find, so they can be sent ahead while the adults follow on behind.

One word of warning is that there is a road to be crossed, so make sure they wait until the grown ups catch up!


Getting There:

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The walk starts at the opposite end of the car park from the visitor center.

Just follow the green arrows which will take you around the path.

Little Druim Wood Play Trail

The pictures below give an idea of some of the things that await discovery.......


A lovely walk and fun for the kids - easily included in a drive round the Trossachs.  Enjoy!



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