The Trossachs

First Fishing Trip After Lockdown

At last we can travel freely around Scotland again.  It’s hard to know what to do first – I have a whole list of hills to climb, but actually the weather has been so cold, that there is still a lot of snow on the tops of the Munros.

However, an invitation from a friend to fish beautiful Loch Rusky seemed like a great way to get out and about.  Yes it was cold, but we wrapped up warm – and caught loads of fish.

The bird life also kept us entertained – like this Great Crested  Grebe.

The Ospreys were there of course, like they are every year.
We did see them dive a few times for trout, but never successfully.

We did however catch a couple of trout which had survived a close encounter with an Osprey – the talon punctures down the back are unmistakeable.

Hopefully I’ll get another trip there soon  and try for some pictures of an Osprey taking a trout.

At one point, as the boat drifted down the loch, were able to see the nest through the trees, and got a shot of an adult looking over the top. No sign of any youngsters yet.

Have a look through the gallery below to see all the pictures

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