Edinburgh Skyline

Edinburgh Skyline
Edinburgh Skyline

A picture ofย  the Edinburgh skyline taken from Arthur's Seat - A typical summer's evening as the mist crept in from the sea to shroud the city.

One unfortunate consequence of Edinburgh being situated so close to the Forth Estuary is the tendency for fog to roll in from the river, most often in the morning, in which case it often burns off by midday or in the evening, in which case it usually last until morning.

Actually, the city centre is not affected by these summer Haars as they are known as much as the lower lying areas such as Leith.

Often Leith can be cloaked in a thick fog, and all you have to do is head up Leith Walk, and half way up you'll find yourself in bright sunshine.

Leithers often sardonically refer to their home district as "Sunny Leith".

This picture was taken on a beautiful summer's evening in May.ย  I climbed Arthur's Seat to get some evening shots of the city - and the next thing I knew the fog appeared - still, I was quite happy with the shots of the skyline that I got - even with the fog.

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