West of Scotland

Ederline – a Fine Looking Estate House in Argyll, near Lochgilphead

Ederline House
Ederline House

Ederline House sits on top of a gentle slope overlooking Loch Ederline.

It is the Laird's house, for Ederline estate.

Normally you wouldn't even know it was there, unless you happen to catch a glimpse of it as you drive down the far side of the loch.

However, if you are fishing for some of the splendid pike in Loch Ederline, it makes an impressive back drop for your photographs.

One of my favourite looking Scottish Estate houses.

For more details on the Ederline Estate, visit: https://ederline.com/

See also: https://www.picturesofscotland.co.uk/early-mist-on-loch-ederline/

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