Cramond Causeway Near Edinburgh

Cramond Island Causeway
Cramond Island Causeway

The causeway linking Cramond Island near Edinburgh to the mainland - viewed from the Island.

Cramond is a popular area for strolling near Edinburgh.  There is a sea front promenade, popular with dog walkers, and if you follow the River Almond up from the shore, there are a couple of cafes and a nice walk alongside the river.

If you get the timing right, you can also visit Cramond Island over the paved walkway that is only exposed when the tide is out.

For safety's sake, it is recommended that you only cross two hours either side of low tide as the tide can come in very fast and every year, some unwary people find themselves trapped and have to be rescued by boat from the island.

Safe crossing times are posted on the large notice board at the start of the causeway.

The large concrete pillars were erected during the war to stop any boats sneaking up the river Forth.  Defensive guns were also stationed on the island during the war, and the remains of those installations can still be seen.

Visit this site to check the safe crossing times:

cramond island
cramond island

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