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Common Buzzard


When I was young, it was quite unusual to see a Buzzard, but over the past 30 years or so, the Common Buzzard has become, eh..... quite common.

Nowadays their range is expanding and it isn't unusual to see them close to towns.

Often to be seen sitting on telegraph poles or fence posts, they will invariably fly off as soon as you pay any attention to them.

This one however was stuck between a rock and a hard place.   It was sitting in a tree at the start of the path beside the mouth of the river Esk at Musselburgh.

In the next tree, were several crows which mobbed it every time it took off.  So as I approached with the camera, it had to choose between me, and getting mobbed by the crows.

Eventually it decided to take its chances with the crows, but I managed to get some decent shots before it took off.

The location where it was spotted is mapped on the map.

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