Four Legged Beasties

Four Legged Beasties

  • Four Legged Beasties

    Otters In The Middle Of Edinburgh

    During the lockdown of 2020, movement around the country was restricted which severely limited any photographic opportunities. So the appearance of some otters (at least 2)Β  in Dunsapie loch provided a welcome chance to photograph some interesting wildlife, right in the heart of the city. Dunsapie loch is situated on the slopes of Arthur's Seat which itself forms part of…

  • Red Squirrel
    Four Legged Beasties

    Red Squirrels

    Since the introduction of the American Grey Squirrel, the population of native Red Squirrels has declined dramatically. However, it is still possible to see Red Squirrels in the wild in many parts of Scotland - helped by conservation measures, and also by the increasing numbers of Pine Martens which predate on the Grey Squirrel. These pictures were mostly taken from…

  • musselburgh races
    Four Legged Beasties

    Musselburgh Races

    Musselburgh race course is situated just on the outskirts of Musselburgh as you head south on the coast road. Strangely, it has a nine hole golf course in the centre of it dating from the late sixteen hundreds. The great thing about Musselburgh Races is that you can just wander in from the main road and stand right beside the…

  • red deer stag
    Four Legged Beasties

    Magnificent Red Deer Stag

    The Red Deer is the largest UK deer and it is found all over the UK. The Highlands of Scotland is home to some of the largest herds.Β  The males have impressive antlers which get larger as they grow older. Although they usually roam through remote highland estates, in the winter time, if the weather is bad, they will often…