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    Lift Off A swan doing its best to take off on the River Esk.
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    grey mares tail
    The Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall near Moffat is worth climbing – if you are fit and not afraid of heights! It doesn’t look so high ..
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    falkirk wheel
    The Falkirk Wheel The Falkirk Wheel is a Scottish Engineering marvel. Where the Forth and Clyde Canal meets the Union Canal, there is a giant ..
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    Dolphins Travelling from the mainland to the Outer Hebrides, you will often see dolphins swimming alongside the ferry. Trying to get a photograph ..
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    cramond windsurfer
    Windsurfers Windsurfers in the River Forth at Cramond on the outskirts of Edinburgh
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    Wading Birds These pictures of wading birds were taken at a pond near the shores of the Forth, just outside Edinburgh. Normally the wading birds ..
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    the trossachs
    The Trossachs The Trossachs is a beautiful area of Scotland, situated just at the start of the highlands. It is perfect for a scenic drive, starting ..
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    leaping salmon
    One of the best places in Scotland for photographing leaping fish is Buchanty Spout on the river Almond, a tributary of the Tay.   The falls ..
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    musselburgh races
    Musselburgh Race Course near Edinburgh. The great thing about Musselburgh Races is that you can just wander in from the main road and stand right ..