Ben Vorlich (Loch Earn)

Ben Vorlich

There are actually two Munros called Ben Vorlich.  One is near Loch Lomond, and one is beside Loch Earn.

This report is about the Loch Earn Ben Vorlich (985 m).

I have often seen Ben Vorlich described as an easy hillwalk.  This is certainly true for the first part, but the final section is steep, and the path is quite badly eroded with lots of loose rocks underfoot.

I strongly advise walking poles which help a lot on the loose rubble - especially useful on the way back down.

Time taken - about 5 hours for an old codger like me.

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Ben Vorlich - Part 1 - Getting There

From the A84, take the South Loch Earn road.  This road is narrow with passing places so care is required.

When you pass the road for Ardvorlich House, watch out for verge parking just before you reach a hump Back Bridge.

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Part 2

Cross over the hump back bridge.

The walk starts through the gateway on the other side.


The path leads uphill now, and crosses over several stiles - one of which even had a special modification to make it easier for dogs to get through.....

...a modification for old age pensioners would have been appreciated too!

Special dog gate

When you reach a fork, take the right hand path heading up the hill.

Take the right hand fork

Now you have a view of Ben Vorlich ahead, and a nice view back down to Loch Earn.

Ben Vorlich Ahead
The View Back Down To Loch Earn

Part 3

The track crosses over a bridge at a small dam, and then heads across open moorland.

As you start to head up the ridge known as Sgiath nam Tarmachan, the path becomes steeper, and more and more eroded.

A Ptarmigan on Sgiath nam Tarmachan

As the path heads to the left up a very steep and badly eroded section, I spotted my first ever Ptarmigan - very apt as Sgiath nam Tarmachan means wings of the Ptarmigan.

There is a small level section before the final steep slope to the top.

The path is very worn with lots of loose rocks, so care should be taken.

The Final Climb on Ben Vorlich

Finally the trig point comes into view.

Made it!

Ben Vorlich Trig Point

Part 4 - The Summit of Ben Vorlich

At the summit is a long narrow ridge with the trig point at one end and a cairn at the other.

Summit of Ben Vorlich
Summit of Ben Vorlich

Views from the top of Ben Vorlich

View from the top of Ben Vorlich
View from the top of Ben Vorlich
View from the top of Ben Vorlich
View from the top of Ben Vorlich

The return route is back the way you came - taking care on the way down the eroded slopes.

However, experienced Munro baggers can choose to include the neighbouring, more difficult peak of Stuc a'Chroin before heading back..


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