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Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

Loch Lomond from Ben Vorlich

Having climbed the munro, Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn earlier this year, I felt I should also climb "the other Ben Vorlich munro" at Loch Lomond.

But, having read up on it before hand, it didn't get a very good press - and having climbed it, I can't say I'll be rushing back.

This is probably a bit unfair, as the day I chose turned out to be very hot, windless and sticky and despite taking extra water with me, I ran out long before I made it back to the car.

The climb is relentlessly steep and the false tops are to say the least, a wee bit disheartening.

However, the views of Loch Lomond are beautiful, and maybe on a cooler,breezier day, I might have enjoyed it more.

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Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond) - Getting There

The walk starts from the Inveruglas Visitor Centre on the shores of Loch Lomond.

There is ample parking, a cafe and toilets.  At the time of writing, the charge for a whole day's parking was a very reasonable £4.00


Inveruglas Visitor Centre

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Part 1

Across the road from the car park is the Loch Sloy Hydro-Electric Power Station.

Cross the road and go past the power station.

Follow the path until there is a right turn leading under a railway bridge.

Loch Sloy Hydro-Electric Power Station
Head under the railway bridge

Part 2

Keep following the track, passing a large electricity sub-station.

As you turn a corner, Loch Sloy dam comes into view.  This is the source of the water for the hydro-electric power station on the main road. To the left is Ben Vane, and to the right is Ben Vorlich.

Electicity sub-station
Loch Sloy dam

Part 3

As you near the dam, watch out for a set of stone steps heading up the steep slope.

This is the start of the climb.

The climb is steep and relentless - and hard work on a hot day!

Start of the climb up Ben Vorlich

As you climb, you get fine views of Ben Vane and Loch Sloy

Ben Vane
Loch Sloy dam

The day I climbed, the thistles on the side of the hill were all covered in Painted Lady butterflies.

This was a good excuse to stop and have a rest, on the pretext of taking a photo.

The butterflies of course all immediately flew away!

So what you get is a picture of some thistles with A'Chrois in the background - but no butterflies!


Part 4

The path now heads  for a large rocky outcrop.

There are some impressive man sized cracks around the outcrop, and I was surprised at one point to look down at the grass and see daylight through a crack in the ground.

Still, it's been there a long time, so I suppose it is safe enough!

The path heads for a rocky outcrop

At least now you are starting to get views back down Loch Lomond, and as you climb, you are looking right down onto the dam.

Loch Sloy

Part 5

Now you are finally nearing the summit.

There are a few false summits (which always makes my heart sink) but of course, it's a great feeling when the summit cairn and trig point come into view.

But Ben Vorlich isn't done with you yet - the actual summit is still another couple of hundred yards past the trig point!

Ben Vorlich trig point
Looking back from the summit of Ben Vorlich

The views all around are magnificent, and make that steep relentless climb worth while.

Re-trace your steps to return.

Some parts which were steep and eroded on the way up, are a lot trickier on the way back down - I found my walking poles very useful!

Loch Lomond from Ben Vorlich

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