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Ben Hope and Loch Hope

Ben Hope from Loch Hope
Ben Hope from Loch Hope

Ben Hope is the most northerly Munro and is situated at the south end of Loch Hope in one of the true remaining wildernesses of Scotland.

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Loch Hope is famous for its Sea Trout and Salmon fishing.  Most of the great Scottish Sea Trout lochs have seen a steady decline in the runs of wild fish since the introduction of salmon farms around the coastline.

However, Loch Hope is fed from the north coast where there are no salmon farms, and still provides excellent fishing sport - more proof if it were needed of the effect of salmon farming on Scottish wild fish populations.

Climbing Ben Hope

The car park for Ben Hope (927m) is situated on the single track road that runs between Altnaharra and Loch Hope - it is close to the loch end of the road.

The car park for climbing Ben Hope is marked on the map above.

There is a sign at the car park saying "Way Up Ben Hope"  - follow the path.

The road from Altnaharra to Loch Hope
The road from Altnaharra to Loch Hope

Take care on the road to Ben Hope, this section doesn't have the usual passing places with poles to mark them, instead, it is widened at each corner, so as you go round a corner and  see a car coming on the straight ahead, stop at the corner as there may not be a passing place further on.

The photograph will give you an idea of the road, and the remoteness of this area.

Fishing Loch Hope

Loch Hope is divided into The North End, Middle Bay and The South End.

Unusually for a loch, some parts are also split into beats.  The North End has four beats, and the South End has three Beats.

Middle Bay is not divided into beats, but is big enough to have four boats on it.

Warning: The midges around the shores of Loch Hope are unbearable - see our midge page for genuine adviceon how to cope.

The boats are let out by various estates, but the easiest way to get onto the loch, is to stay at the Altnaharra Hotel.  They have a boat on the south end, and a boat on Middle Bay.

Fishing Loch Hope
Fishing Loch Hope

The hotel is comfortable, friendly, provides great food and is geared up to looking after anglers.

They also provide an excellent packed lunch too!

Prospective anglers, feel free to contact Pictures of Scotland for fishing tips, fly patterns etc.


Fishing Loch Hope



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