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Ben Chonzie from Coishavachan

Loch Turret from Ben Chonzie

If you fancy a straightforward, easy ascent of a Munro (if climbing any Munro can be described as easy) then Ben Chonzie is ideal.

There is a track leading a large part of the way up the hill, and then you cut across moorland to reach the top - nothing technical involved.

There are fine views over Loch Turret although on the day I climbed, the Loch was mostly hidden by low cloud.

I did get one photograph when the cloud lifted briefly.  Then I waited at the top for a while to see if the view would improve, but eventually set off back down the hill - of course when I was about half way down, I turned around and the cloud had all but gone!

Hey ho!

Ben Chonzie - Getting There

This walk starts from the car park at Coishavachan - which is reached by a single track road from Comrie.

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Part 1

Follow the single track road from Comrie to the sign posted parking area.

From there, follow the track that leads to the cottages.  Turn right in front of the cottages, and go through the gate.

Start of the Ben Chonzie Climb

The track now swings left and begins to climb gently.

Ben Chonzie Lies Ahead

Follow the track over the bridge and through the gate - ignore any tracks leading off to the left.

Follow the track over the bridge

Part 2

The track comes to a dam on the Invergeldie Burn.

Cross over the (hopefully) dry river bed and follow the track round to the right.

The dam on the Invergeldie Burn

The track now becomes much steeper.

Follow it up the side of the hill and keep a look out for the small cairn that marks the spot where you have to leave the track.

The cairn marking where you leave the track

Part 3

Leave the track and follow the path leading up the hillside.  This path is boggy at first.

When you come to a line of old fence posts, turn left and follow them.

Eventually the line of fence posts turns sharp right.

Follow these over the rockier ground to reach the small cairn and stone shelter at the summit.

Note that along the way, various stone cairns have been built, but the fence will lead you directly to the summit cairn.

Summit of Ben Chonzie

To return, retrace your steps, taking care to find the correct point for leaving the line of fence posts to get back down to the track.

I missed it due to the low cloud, and stayed with the fence posts a bit too long - but there was another fairly well defined path which took me back down to join the track just a little bit above the marker cairn.



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