Primrose Cottage on the River Almond Walkway

Primrose Cottage on the River Almond Walkway Starting at Cramond harbour, the River Almond walkway is an attractive riverside walk with waterfalls, weirs and woods along the way. Always plenty of bird life to see […]


Portobello Beach (in the snow)

Portobello Beach (in the snow) Edinburgh’s beach is situated in Portobello. It can be a chilly place to sunbathe in the summer….. …..but in the winter it can be downright freezing!

migrating balls

Migrating Balls

Migrating Balls Every autumn, having spent the summer at sea, the now fully grown balls return to the river of their birth and begin the long journey back to the spawning grounds…… …..Sorry, it was […]

Wee Beasties

Hawkmoth Caterpillar

Hawkmoth Caterpillar Scotland has some quite exotic wee beasties like this¬†Hawkmoth Caterpillar – although it wasn’t so wee. It was about three inches long and as thick as my little finger!  

dagger moth caterpillar
Wee Beasties

Dagger Moth Caterpillar

Dagger Moth Caterpillar This exotic/scary looking wee beastie is a grey dagger moth caterpillar