• Four Legged Beasties

    Otters In The Middle Of Edinburgh

    During the lockdown of 2020, movement around the country was restricted which severely limited any photographic opportunities. So the appearance of some otters (at least 2)  in Dunsapie loch provided a welcome chance to photograph some interesting wildlife, right in the heart of the city. Dunsapie loch is situated on the slopes of Arthur's Seat which itself forms part of…

  • Red Squirrel
    Four Legged Beasties

    Red Squirrels

    Since the introduction of the American Grey Squirrel, the population of native Red Squirrels has declined dramatically. However, it is still possible to see Red Squirrels in the wild in many parts of Scotland - helped by conservation measures, and also by the increasing numbers of Pine Martens which predate on the Grey Squirrel. These pictures were mostly taken from…

  • waxwings
    Scottish Birds


    Waxwings are winter visitors to Scotland.  They breed in Scandanavia, and some of them spend the winter here - which shows how harsh the winters must be in Scandinavia! They are usually found in small flocks, feeding on berries, rowan berries being a particular favourite. They will hang around a location until the supply of berries is exhausted, and then move…

  • Little Druim Wood

    Glen Finglas Play Trail

    The Glen Finglas Play Trail is a woodland walk through Little Druim Wood which is great fun for the kids. There are no really strenuous parts, so suitable for adults of all capabilities. It starts at the Glen Finglas visitor center, and should take about an hour or so. There are lots of things for the young ones to find,…

  • Kestrel Hovering
    Scottish Birds

    Kestrel Hovering

    This kestrel was photographed hunting on scrubland near Levenhall Links at Musselburgh. This is reclaimed land, created by building a sea wall and infilling with ash from the now demolished Cockenzie power station. The kestrel was hunting a bit downhill from me which allowed me to get some shots looking straight on to it. The great thing about photographing kestrels…

  • nuthatch
    Scottish Birds


    Nuthatch. Popped in to the David Marshall Lodge in The Trossachs, (or The Lodge as it is known now) to try and get some Red Squirrel Shots. No luck with the squirrels, but nice to see some Nuthatches at the feeders. There were also plenty of the usual fair - Chaffinches, Great tits, Coal tits and Siskins.  No Woodpecker this…

  • Scottish Birds

    Reed Bunting

    Male Reed Bunting, spotted on one of my regular walks from the mouth of the River Esk at Musselburgh along to the Musselburgh Lagoons and Levenhall Links. This land was all reclaimed from the sea by building a sea wall and filling it in with ash from the local power station.   And just recently spotted a female Reed Bunting…

  • Sore Knees Coming Down Hills
    Pictures of Scotland

    Knee Pain While Walking Downhill

    I only started climbing hills at the age of 61, when I sold my business and retired.  Having spent years working 7 days a week in my warehouse, I was not exactly at the peak of fitness. I climbed my first hill, just because I wanted to take a photograph of a particular view - and I haven't stopped since!…

  • Start of the Ben Nevis climb
    Scottish Mountain Walks

    Climbing Ben Nevis – The Big One

    If you go hillwalking in the UK, sooner or later your mind is going to turn to climbing Ben Nevis.  Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK, and as such, it is challenging! Just because there is a path to the top, don't be fooled, this is a hard climb.  You will need to be physically fit and…

  • Midges in Scotland
    Wee Beasties

    Midges In Scotland

    Welcome To Scotland. Midges in Scotland can be a real problem.  Visit any country in the world, and as soon as you head for the great outdoors, you can be sure to find wild animals, only too ready to bite chunks out of you. Depending which country you are in, it could be lions, tigers, bears.... .....in Scotland, it is…

  • Glenfinglas Reservoir seen from The Stuc Odhar Walk

    Stuc Odhar

    This is one of the walks originating from the Glen Finglas Visitor Centre car park.  (Follow the link for more information.) Initially it follows the same route as the Lendrick Hill and Dam walk. (Follow the link to read about that route) You can also begin from the Little Druim car park, but I think starting at the Glen Finglas…

  • Walks

    The Lendrick Hill & Dam Walk

    This walk is one of a series of walks that start from The Glen Finglas Visitor Gateway. The paths are well marked, and well looked after. This is just one of nine marked trails of various grades of difficulty which start from the visitor centre. Full marks to the Woodland Trust for their excellent work here - for more details…

  • Loch Turret from Ben Chonzie
    Scottish Mountain Walks

    Ben Chonzie from Coishavachan

    If you fancy a straightforward, easy ascent of a Munro (if climbing any Munro can be described as easy) then Ben Chonzie is ideal. There is a track leading a large part of the way up the hill, and then you cut across moorland to reach the top - nothing technical involved. There are fine views over Loch Turret although…

  • Scottish Mountain Walks

    Ben Vorlich (Loch Lomond)

    Having climbed the munro, Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn earlier this year, I felt I should also climb "the other Ben Vorlich munro" at Loch Lomond. But, having read up on it before hand, it didn't get a very good press - and having climbed it, I can't say I'll be rushing back. This is probably a bit unfair, as…